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Dec 15, 2016

Gina Guddat is a licensed mental health therapist in Seattle, Washington.  She works with individuals, couples, teenagers and families locally as well via Skype and telephone and she loves the diversity of her clients. One of her specialties is working with teenage girls. She spent about fifteen years traveling the country working with them in the area of nutrition, exercise, dating, healthy friendships, and future goals.

Gina also enjoys working with couples on relationship issues. She helps them take a look at their communication style, conflict resolution, and how they can join together as a team. When she starts a therapeutic relationship with a client she wants to know where it is that they are going and what their goals are; she is very solution focused. Gina says, “In today’s age we don't have five years to do therapy and so I want to get to the point and give them some tools as quickly as possible and be very positive.” Gina takes a holistic approach to overall health. With a strong background in fitness she combines both physical and emotional health. She believes it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by bad habits and negative thinking that interfere with the quality of our lives, but as much as we try, she says our own efforts to change self-defeating patterns are sometimes ineffective. Gina has offered humanitarian services in many countries such as India, Africa, Mexico, and Vietnam, just to name a few. She has also been featured in the news on ABC, CBS, NBC and much more. She has earned a leadership award through the President's Council on Fitness in Washington D.C. and she has also been recognized as the Woman of the Year with the National Association of Professional Women.